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window artwork

This window art resembles stained glass but differs in that colors change with the help of polarizing filters. The 8"x8" pieces are handmade in the United States. Each piece is unique as shown by photos documenting the color change on the Catalog Page.

The artwork contains clear plastic between two polarizing filters, a rear-filter and a front-filter. The rear-filter is built into the artwork frame while the front-filter takes several forms. The square front filter is rotated by the viewer in order to change the colors. The front and rear filters come with the purchase of artwork.

The front filter can be an outer wooden cover that fits snugly onto the art in order to display color. Alternately a magnetic frame is available to which the front filter sticks like a square plate. Finally a lower cost option is sometimes used for frameless artwork having strips of magnetic material to which the flexable filter adheres.

An accessory is available for $15 to see the colors change gradually. This Or the front filter can be an interactive hand-held viewer is slowly rotated to give an interactive experience.

window artwork

This artwork does not use an electronic display or any electricity at all. It only requires the positive energy of sunlight and the natural properties of the art media. When you play with the cover or the hand-held viewer the colors will immediately change. While the the cover-filter is more static, the colors will vary gradually as the sun passes overhead.

The experience can be fun for a child or relaxing for an adult. If a child is restless they can gain satisfaction from a nursery rhyme image. While grown-ups will enjoy a hummingbird or some art deco. Please explore this website's catalog of products and it's description of gallery exhibitions.

window artwork

An image and code for each unique piece is provided in the Catalog page. There one finds photos and pricing. Catalogs are provided for bird art, fine art, kids' art, and more.

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Various Forms of Construction

Art in Frame with Outer Wooden Cover Filter

Art in Frame with Stiff Magnetic Cover Filter

Frameless Art with Flexable Magnetic Cover Filter

Accessory Hand Viewer for $15

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a hand viewer was rotated in front of my camera for this colorful video